Healthy lifestyle is an effective weapon against asthma

Scientists from Denmark have found that healthy eating and physical activity can improve the quality of life of asthmatics. Thanks to healthy food and training, the severity of asthma symptoms in participants of the study has decreased significantly. The study involved 125 volunteers with asthma, The Daily Mail reports.

Some volunteers performed high-intensity exercise three times a week and adhered to a special diet. The diet included the use of products with a low glycemic index (fruits, vegetables, protein products). Some participants were asked either to eat properly or to do exercises. The rest volunteers were included into the control group.

The study has shown that after eight weeks, in the participants who followed the diet and performed exercises at the same time, the symptoms of asthma have decreased by 50% compared with the control group. In those participants who did only one thing (ate properly or did exercises), the severity of symptoms have decreased by 30%.

Source: The Daily Mail