Popular drugs contribute to spreading antibiotic resistance

Because of statins, tablets for allergies and other commonly used drugs, the problem of antibiotic resistance is becoming more urgent. As The Daily Mail notes, researchers from Germany have found that a quarter of drugs inhibits the growth of bacteria in the intestine.

In the course of new study, the influence of 1000 preparations on 40 strains of intestinal bacteria was studied. The experts have revealed that the drugs are one of the reasons for spreading resistance. Simvastatin, which reduces cholesterol, was one of the most harmful preparations for intestinal bacteria.

Tamoxifen, used to treat breast cancer, and loratadine (medicine for allergies) also pose a threat to intestinal bacteria. Other drugs (neuroleptics, antihypertensive agents, proton pump inhibitors, painkillers, hormonal contraceptives) also affected intestine bacterial composition.

Source: The Daily Mail.