Scientists have found a "molecular switch" associated with autoimmune diseases

According to Medical Xpress, the scientists of the London University and Imperial College have found a "Molecular switch" that causes an inflammatory bowel disease and celiac disease. The scientists hope that their discovery will help to develop new methods of treatments for these autoimmune diseases.

According to the scientists, T-bet molecule regulates the genetic risk of certain diseases. It controls the body's immune responses. In people with inflammatory bowel disease T-bet does not work properly. Molecule triggers an immune response that leads to disease development.

By the way, experts from Osaka University suggest that in order to cope with autoimmune diseases, you need to learn more about the regulatory T cells. These cells "switch off" the immune system after the activation period. The development of the regulatory T-cells in thymus depends on amplifier genes. They effect on the expression of other genes which are necessary for these cells.

The specialists carried out a study on mice. They have found that Satb1 molecule controls amplifier genes involved in the development of the regulatory T-cells. The development of regulatory T cells was disturbed in rodents without Satb1 molecule. They had symptoms of autoimmune disease.

Source: Medical Xpress.