Tomsk scientists have created the man made brain with the ability of self education

According to the University Press service the scientists from Tomsk State University (TSU) have created the man made carrier of natural intellect - the physical model which is available to self education.

The project is implemented by the international laboratory "Vision System" of the TSU centre "Intellectual Technical Systems" in which specialists from Germany, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan work.

The head of laboratory professor Vladimir Syriamkin said that firstly mathematic and computer models of human brain was constructed. Then the radio electronic device which consists of perceptrons was made. It is able to analyse different information (video, sounds etc. ). Now we are working on the creation of the new system of robotics which is the intellectual control centre.

The main developer Vladimir Shumilov adds that in our physical model as in the human brain there is a creation of new neural connections and dying of the old ones. It is called the process of forgetting in human body.

The physical model is able to self education and accumulation of life experience. The man made carrier of natural intellect takes exogenous irritants. Using of cut and try method he tries to find a decision which will help to avoid the influence of these irritants: for example, during the bright light source influence first it will try to turn back and if it does not help - to fall back. Until the brain finds the right decision, its neuron (perceptrons) will be in restlessness. When the man made brain finds this decision it will be remembered and the brain will become use it in similar life situations.   

To approach the man made brain to the biological brain model Tomsk scientists are going to involve biologists and psychologists in this work.

From the medical point of view this working out would help in research and treating various types of amnesia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and other dementias: the man made brain can be used in modeling of pathosis such as disorder of neural connection or neural activity dying. In terms of it, it is possible to chose the methods of medical correction.

According to the Medportal data.