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We continue to publish the work of Vladimir Nikolayevich Kosenko, an urologist, a specialist of the highest qualification category and Honoured Doctor of Ukraine.

The age groups among my patients vary from very young boys and girls to mature adults and elderly. Each of them would like to push aside today's topic. But we can't! Sooner or later each of them will face it. Everybody should remember of that. Forewarned is forearmed. Today’stopic is quite intimate and piquant.

In modern society, issues of intimate life in old age become more and more relevant. The aging of society is taking place, the life of a person is prolonged, and many people want to prolong their sexual activity as well. The most important thing is that this is possible.  You just need to teach yourself to respect yourself.

Over time, a moment when a person stars to think about the aging comes. As a rule, such thoughts are associated with the appearance of the first signs of menopause. At the age of 45-50 years, violent changes affecting the endocrine glands, the reproductive system, the nervous system, and other organs and systems, occur in the human body.Each person perceives this period differently. Some people calmly go with the flow and do nothing at all, thus accelerating their aging; some people become complex, considering this period a catastrophe, thus worsening the already bad state of health; others lead an active lifestyle and successfully fight physiological cataclysms.

Let’s see what happens to aging men. For quite a long time, researchers tried to prove that no male menopausal changes occur. However, long-term studies have shown that male menopause occurs! Male menopause was named as ANDROPAUSE.

The famous Italian physician DomenicoTrotha has compared a man to a train:

At the age of 20, a man, like a suburban train, stopping at every stop,

At 30 – like an express train, stopping at stations;

At 40 – like a long-distance train, stopping at large stations only;

At 50 – like a steam locomotive, stopping just to add water to his boiler;

At 60 – like a train going to the depot without any stop.

Andropause occurs after 45 years, but its symptoms are not as dramatic as in women. They are less pronounced, since the body has time to adapt. The male menopausal symptoms are reduced erectile function, but sperm production continues until old age. It means that a man can become a father at a very old age.

Once a wise man was asked a question – which women can be trusted more – blondes, brunettes or brown-haired women?

The wise man thought and said – women can only be trusted with grey hair!

– And what about men? The wise man has been thought for a long time and answered – no men can be trusted, even bald ones!

There is a young man inside every old man, who wonders – what the hell is happening with me?

And the moment comes when

– Yes, of course, he is a man,

              He’s tall or may be has a rank,

              There is a moustache and a beard

              He is pretty good...

              But not in bed, so he can be just a woman’s friend

Sexual activity has always been considered as a privilege of young people, but older people do not want to put up with it. They are right – because surrender is not an option…

The root of the problem is a decrease in the production of the male sex hormone – testosterone. Therefore, it is necessaryto restore the hormone’s level under the supervision of your doctor.

Physiology is a very serious thing, because it is also responsible for ourbehaviour. In this case, the nature made a 50% discount for men, because andropause is developed gradually. It lasts 10 to 15 years and the intensity is 2 to 3 times less than in women.

The most common symptoms are hot flashes, redness, sweating, headache and numbness in the extremities. Suspiciousness, irritability, depression and decreased performance appear.

Often, prostate adenoma develops. This leads to urination disorders, such as increased urge, especially at night, weakening of the urine stream, and incomplete emptying of the bladder.

Sleep disorders also play a significant role. Sleep becomes short, falling asleep in the morning, and waking up tired.

In addition, intestinal disorders, such as 2-3 days of constipation, occur. This is due to imbalanced diet, stress at work, and the lack of normal sleep.

On top of that, the weight is gaining. Swelling and shortness of breath appear.

You try to use first aid drugs, such as beta-blockers having a negative effect on male potency.

Another one very important issue is that during hormonal imbalance, the likelihood of uncontrolled growth of prostate cells increases. In other words, the risk of adenocarcinoma increases. So, it is very important to timely make a prostate-specific antigen test (PSA).

Finally, the most important problem is sexual problems. The sexual problemsarise gradually – morning erection and nocturnal emissions disappear, low libido, weaken erection, and the desire to have a sex with women decreases. The syndrome of expected failure arises. The termination of sexual contacts with women leads to inhibition of the production of sex hormones, which further exacerbates the sexual catastrophe. Only a doctor may help in this situation. As they say – a real man cannot do without a woman and a good urologist as well.

Even the Bible has devoted attention to the age-old pain of men.“Now King David was old, advanced in age; and they covered him with clothes, but he could not keep warm. So his servants said to him, “Let them seek a young virgin for my lord the king, and let her attend the king and become his nurse; and let her lie in your bosom, that my lord the king may keep warm.” So they searched for a beautiful girl throughout all the territory of Israel, and found Abishag the Shunammite, and brought her to the king. The girl was very beautiful; and she became the king’s nurse and served him, but the king did not cohabit with her”.

Patients often ask the following questions – Are men and women getting old equally? How tobe ready for menopause? At present, researchers have come to the conclusion that the female period of preparation for aging ranges 50 to 60 years, and the next 15 years are the period of early aging. The age of 75 to 90 years is thepermanent old ageperiod and after 90 years is the actual senile period.

In men, the physiological aging process is shifted towards an older age, i.e. women aregetting old faster than men.

The Chinese philosopher Confucius said: “If we don't know life, how can we know death?” In other words, you need to prepare for meeting old age when you are young. Lifestyle and living conditions, nutrition, bad habits, exhausting work, an abundance of stress, etc.

Taken together, your past will show your readiness for your future. The main principle of preparing for aging is not to abuse anything! Every age has its own norms, even in sex life. Georgians say – you need to age like a wine – slowly, impressively and elegantly.

First, I recommend you to streamline your daily routine – the rule of three NOT! Do not overeat, do not get drunk, and do not overwork. If you want to be a real man, follow this rule.

Secondly, you need to exclude taking medications recommended by friends, the Internet, popular newspapers, television, etc. The problem of andropause is much deeper and only a specialist can help you solve it. After an appropriate examination, the doctor will prescribe you the necessary treatment.Modern drugs have a precise and targeted effect, so they only have a stimulating effect, forcing their own endocrine glands to work. Substitution therapy is performed only as a last resort, when all previous treatments have failed. Hormonal drugs are not always prescribed. In modern medicine, there are enough drugs from the academic pharmacopoeia, herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies that can easily solve all your male problems.

From all the modern phytopreparations on the market, Adrius attracts attention. Adrius is a natural complex that gently affects the male body.Due to the balanced composition, Adrius gently increases the level of testosterone, compensating for the natural adropause.In addition, the phytopreparation has anti-inflammatory, tonic, immunostimulating effects, which are also very important for the prevention of prostatitis.

The most important thing – do not become isolated! You must live in such a way as to be in demand. After all, an old person is judged not by physical changes, but by sound judgment, wisdom and kindness.


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