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According to the World Health Organization, men aged 40 to 70 years have erection problems in 48-52% of cases, i.e. almost every second man faces such a problem in a sense. The problem is erectile dysfunction. The difficulty is that not every man is ready to accept his weakness. They think that they are tired or stressed, and tomorrow everything will be fine. Tomorrow comes, but everything is not fine. Fears and self-deception occur. The problem is hushed up and your women suffer from it. I would like to quote Doctor Enikeeva – a woman is a man's best friend. Unfortunately, not all men know about it.

In my opinion, the root cause of many problems in our society is the lack of sex education in school. Most recently, all information was hidden behind the iron curtain. Therefore, there are a number of sexual myths appeared due to improper education in society. These myths are dangerous and pernicious, and they must be refuted. So that is what we will do.

Myth 1. Sexual abstinence may help to improve the quality of erection.

Just the opposite! A low frequency of sexual activity causes a reduced production of the male sex hormone. As a result this affects both the attraction to a woman and the full filling of the penis. Truly, do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Myth 2. The more sexual intercourses you have per night, the better for you. Absolutely not! After all, it is not the quantity that matters, but the quality of the sexual intercourse itself.

Myth 3. A man must be ready for sexual intercourse at any time.

Absolutely not! A man can also get tired at work or he has a headache.

Certainly, sex is a relaxation, but it takes a lot of energy. Therefore, women should take care of men. Find the middle ground.

It is important to understand the main thing – insufficient knowledge and ignorance in sexual relationships must be corrected. People should learn of how to live in a new way. According to the world statistics, sexual disharmony in families reaches 70%.           

In any family, psychological compatibility plays a very important role. If a woman criticizes her husband for a low salary, night snoring, football hobby, meeting with friends, then she must be ready that all this criticism will certainly affect their sexual relationships. As a result, such a woman is not interested for him as a desired woman any more. Don Juan's syndrome occurs, i.e. desire to change a sexual partner. A frequent change of sexual partners leads only to physical relaxation, but the risk of sexually transmitted diseases increases.

Sometimes a wife punishes her husband with sexual abstinence. Due to sexual dysrhythmia, a prostatism syndrome arises. A prostatism syndrome is general dissatisfaction, causing an impaired penile erection and ejaculation, and stagnant prostatitis as well. The longer a man is kept without sexual activity, the worse he will cope with his bedroom duties. You can break this vicious circle only by increasing your knowledge of sexology.

            Erectile dysfunction most often develops in adult men. Previously, this problem was called impotence, but today, due to the improper term, it is called an erectile dysfunction. And here Her Majesty the prostate gland – the second men’s heart, comes to the fore. The cause of deviation is very simple – neurotic and organic factors.

A lot of men try to manage this problem with drugs containing sildenafil, but sooner or later secrets become widely known. It is not the effect of the disease that needs to be treated, but its cause. For this reason, you just need to see your doctor, because almost all disorders of this genesis are treatable.

In women, the most common disorder is anorgasmia, i.e. lack of orgasm. About 42% of women suffer from this ailment, but only 10% do not respond to treatment.  

The second reason for seeking medical care is a disturbed libido, i.e. increased or low sex drive. This problem is easily solved by mean of therapy. But in women, as a rule, this problem is subconsciously repressed, and they do not want to think about it. As the saying goes - man does not live by sex alone! However, it is enough to stop taking contraceptive pills, as libido increases in 21% of women. The main thing is not to bring the problem to the stage of incurability.

I will repeat once again – everything can be corrected, so consult your doctor because this problem will not go away by itself. One urologist, friend of mine, often says that today there can be no problems with potency; one Viagra pill solves all the difficulties. Unfortunately, this problem is much deeper as it seems because a one-time improvement will not solve this problem. Hundreds and thousands of men would give everything for such a magic pill, but the treatment of the problem is long and painstaking.


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