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What you should do, if you have bronchitis?

Bronchitis is the disease, which is characterized by the development of inflammatory process of the bronchus mucous. The disease may progress in acute or chronic form. Most often acute bronchitis begins after viral infection (for example, influenza), which causes the mucous lesion of the lower respiratory tracts. First, the throat is inflamed, and then the infection spreads further, affecting bronchi.  

 One of the most frequent reasons for acute bronchitis development is mixed flora.In other words, viral infection gets first into the respiratory tracts followed by the bacterial one. 

 In addition, acute bronchitis may develop under the influence of irritating chemical or physical factors. For example, when inhaling petrol and/or contaminated smoke vapor. 

 There is one more reason for acute bronchitis development – the allergic one. Hypersensitivity to certain allergens, be it pollen from trees or flowers, house dust, odors of powdered detergent or soap. All of them may cause the reaction of bronchus mucous.

  Chronic bronchitis

 The reason of chronic bronchitis may lie in undue treatment of its recurrent, acute manifestations. It may happen when patients do not turn for doctor’s help and exercise self-treatment. In such a way acute bronchitis becomes a chronic one.


The main symptoms of bronchus mucous inflammation are a cough (dry or hacking one), increased body temperature, pain behind the breast bone, and rales. Sputum may be discharged during coughing. In case of acute bronchitis, it looks like transparent liquid without pus, in case of chronic one – with it.

  Peculiarities of bronchitis treatment

 It is necessary to turn to the doctor, who will give recommendations due to the reason of the disease. The treatment is also indicated taking into consideration the patient’s age, as well as peculiarities of the clinical course. For example, not every acute bronchitis requires antibiotic therapy. Such measures are generally necessary only in case of the possible transition of bacterial infection into pneumonia. However, only doctor can distinguish it.

 The treatment of bronchitis should be conducted in complex, using when necessary antibacterial therapy with physiological methods, including special включая special dietary pattern and home nursing. Most often doctors indicate beta- lactams, as well as macrolides. Your doctor may indicate macrolide antibiotic Aziclar®, which has a high activity towards bacteria that cause bronchitis. Usually, in case of timely treatment, bronchitis passes in 2-3 weeks.

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