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Football weekend for doctors and pharmacists

On September 17-19, 2021, the representatives of Ananta Medicare, as partners of the Football Association of Medical Workers of Ukraine, took part in a major football event for the third time. This time the event took place in Kovel, Volyn region, in the format of "big" football (11 by 11).

The competition was attended by 10 teams, which include practitioners and pharmacists. Thanks to previous competitions most of the participants were acquainted with the drinking chondroprotector Artikon®.

At previous meetings, the doctors, who have already had the opportunity to try high-quality drinking collagen to improve joint function during increased physical activity, reported that Artikon® is really effective in the recovery period after injuries.

It should be noted that this effect is due to the unique composition of Artikon®, which has no analogues in Ukraine!