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Good news from Santigen brand

We are pleased to present you the renewed Santigen synbiotic line – Santigen Forte.

Santigen Forte is an effective synbiotic in a convenient capsule form that contains 2 times more bacteria to restore the ecological balance of the intestinal microflora. It contains a prebiotic complex and a probiotic. Santigen Forte complex not only populates the intestinal microflora with beneficial lactobacilli, but also creates all the conditions for the restoration of its own normal flora.

Santigen Forte can be recommended:

- to prevent the disturbance of microflora when taking antibiotics

- to restore a healthy ecological balance of the intestinal microflora

- to normalize the condition in case of gastrointestinal disorders

- to normalize digestion

- to strengthen the body's defenses, by improving the immune system.

Santigen Forte is perfect for the modern man living in a metropolis. Only 2 capsules a day are needed to restore the intestinal microflora. Santigen Forte can be taken concurrently with antibiotics. There is no need to drag out the intake of preparations that is especially convenient in today's life.

Santigen Forte is the power of intelligence against dysbacteriosis.