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On March 22, 2024, Ananta Medicare took part in the next online event "Respiratory Medicine"

Today, the inflammatory diseases of the ENT organs are very common among the population. This is due to a number of factors, primarily reduced immune response due to environmental factors and pollution.

Among the inflammatory diseases of the ENT organs, fungal lesions, primarily otomycosis and pharyngomycosis, play a significant role. These diseases are difficult to diagnose, so they often become chronic. At the same time, most patients notice serious impairments in the quality of life, which subsequently leads to a decrease in labour productivity, social functioning and increases the risk of concomitant diseases.

Therefore, the treatment of mycotic lesions of the ENT organs is an important task for modern medicine.

The project raised topical issues of diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases among the audience of doctors of various specialties: otolaryngologists, pulmonologists, allergists and family doctors.


A report on modern principles of treatment of mycotic lesions of the ENT organs was made by the Chief Expert in Otorhinolaryngology of the Department of Healthcare of Kyiv, Honoured Doctor of Ukraine, Head of the City Scientific and Practical Centre of Endoscopic Rhinolaryngology, Head of the ENT Department, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Shupik National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Bohdan Nazarovych Bil. The expert covered in detail the etiology, pathogenesis and main methods of treatment of otomycosis. The speaker paid special attention to the peculiarities of using the antifungal agent Itrungar in mycotic lesions of the ENT organs and its advantages over other antifungal drugs.

Itrungar is a modern antifungal drug:


- having a broad spectrum of antifungal action.

- being highly effective against pathogens of mycoses of the ENT organs.

- approved by the FDA as the drug of choice for aspergillosis rhinosinusitis and otitis media.

- penetrating the subdermal layer, bones and the central nervous system.



Itrungar is an effective and reliable systemic treatment of fungal diseases of the ENT organs