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Today we are 25 and we are moving on!

Complying with the highest international standards, our priority is careful laboratory and technological control at all stages of manufacturing, storage and transportation of products.

Despite the difficult economic situation and global tensions of recent years, we are confidently moving forward. Our company consistently demonstrates high growth rates and increases its market share by 20% annually. We regularly expand our product portfolio. The ANANTA MEDICARE range currently comprises more than 200 SKUs, and many of our products have become leaders in their respective groups.

By exporting its products to international markets, ANANTA MEDICARE continues to actively register pharmaceutical innovations in more than 20 countries. By presenting its products at annual international pharmaceutical exhibitions in Europe, Asia, America and the CIS countries, our company is rapidly developing its partnerships and confidently expanding its supply geography.

The main treasure of our company is our employees. These are the people who create the success of our company through their work! Thanks to the cohesive work of the team, ANANTA MEDICARE has reached a high level and has an impeccable reputation.

We have come a long way over the years and we are optimistic about the future. We know that our ideas will certainly be realised and our plans will come true! I sincerely wish each of you good health, success in all your endeavours, take care of yourself and your families!

I wish our company to develop and prosper, and you to have the opportunity to grow and develop together with ANANTA MEDICARE!


Today we are 25 and we are moving on!

Happy anniversary to all of you, dear friends!


On this festive day, I am pleased to greet all of you, dear colleagues and friends of ANANTA MEDICARE!

Today is our anniversary. Today we are 25! 25 years of dedicated work and love for our business! We have extensive experience, high results and a reliable team. When we established the company in 1999, we undertook an important and noble mission - to provide people with modern and high-quality pharmaceuticals, to help them maintain their health for many years. Starting its journey as an exclusive distributor, ANANTA has gathered the best specialists in its team and created a solid foundation for its development. Today, ANANTA MEDICARE is a world-renowned company specialising in the production, distribution and marketing of medicines and biologically active supplements. We are actively exploring international markets and have branches in the United Kingdom, India, the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines and the CIS countries.

The main credo of ANANTA MEDICARE is uncompromising quality, and we are trusted by specialists and patients around the world


Jain Pradeep Kumar

The President of Ananta Medicare Ltd.