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A certain diet is the secret of salvation from the symptoms of gout and arthritis

The inflammation associated with gout often causes a severe pain. But a recent study has allowed to reveal an unexpected solution of this problem. It turns out that a high-fiber diet helps to lower inflammation levels and alleviate pain, Zee News reports.

The fact is that the abundance of fiber in your diet activates certain bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). They are already working on the elimination of inflammation. In addition to facilitation of gout, according to the scientists, this approach can help with arthritis in theory.

Recall: gout is a metabolic disorder which accumulates urate crystals in the form of sodium monourate or uric acid in the joints and various tissues of the body. It provokes inflammation and pain.

In case of the abundance of fiber in the diet the bacteria begin to produce short chain fatty acids in the digestive tract. These compounds initiate apoptosis (death) of neutrophils (cells involved in the immune defense) and reduction of inflammation.

Source: МEDdaily