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Lenses treating myopia, will be available in 2020

In March next year, a unique product is going to be launched on the market in the United States - the first contact lenses named MiSight and manufactured by CooperVision are intended to slow down the development of myopia in children aged 8-12 years, Remedium reports..

It is reported that these soft disposable regular use lenses can slow down the process of eyeball lengthening (one of the main causes of myopia). The average slowdown is more than 50%. Lenses also reduce the risk of cataracts and retinal detachment in children with severe myopia.

Lenses have been tested for three years. The study involved 135 children. It has been proved that using MiSight lenses can slow down the progression of myopia by 59% compared to conventional contact lenses.

Source: Remedium