Scientists have discovered the secret weapon of deadly viruses

A human has a well thought-out, multistage protection against various pathogens known as the immune system. However, this system does not always cope with its task. According to Federal News Agency, scientists of McGill University have found out how deadly viruses attack the human immune system.

It turns out that some viruses can produce their own interleukin 10 (IL-10). In the human body this role plays cytokine with a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. In the human immune system, it controls the activity of CD8 + T cells, by giving them a command to attack the cells infected by the virus.

In turn, IL-10 produced by the viruses reduces the functioning of protective immune cells. Thus, the viruses manage to delay the time of the immune response. During this time, they have time to multiply in the body. The scientists are convinced that now, knowing about this mechanism, we can begin to develop medicines against various chronic viral infections, autoimmune diseases and even cancer.

Source: "Federal News Agency".