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Scientists have tested a revolutionary diabetes therapy

Kadimastem Company from Israeli has reported that the rodent trials of the new IsletRx anti-diabetes drug have been successfully completed. As Xinhua notes, therapy is based on working pancreatic cells and a unique microencapsulation technology. The experiments have proved the safety of the delivery method and the effectiveness of therapy (blood sugar levels were within the normal range).

According to company representatives, no complications were reported within 3 months of observation. All the rodents underwent the therapy remained healthy. However, in the control group of animals with acute hyperglycemia (very high blood sugar levels), many rodents died in the first 40 days of the experiment.

It is known that microencapsulation technology allows to save the introduced pancreatic cells and protects them from attacks of the recipient's immune system. Thus, there is no need for drugs that suppress the immune system.

Source: Eurolab