Type 2 diabetes mellitus can be really cured with a very low-calorie diet

This is proved by Yale University, as Times of India notes. It is known that the disease is reversed in many patients experiencing a bariatric surgery (stomach bandaging or shunting). This kind of surgery causes increased calorie consumption.

This fact has prompted the scientists to a new experiment. They tested a low-calorie diet in mice with diabetes. The animals' diet was reduced by three quarters. Further, the analysis of metabolic changes was carried out not only for blood sugar levels, but also for liver parameters associated with insulin resistance.

Three main mechanisms explaining the positive effect of no-calorie diet have been revealed. So, in the liver, such diet reduced the production of sugar, by reducing the conversion of lactate and amino acids into glucose, by reducing the rate of glycogen conversion into glucose and by decreasing the fat content, which in turn improved the liver response to insulin. These positive effects of the diet were manifested quickly - just in three days.

Source: The Times of India.