GAMMA lozenges

Orange flavour

Orange flavour Orange flavour


Improve expectoration and relieve the breath.

Eliminate the feeling of sore throat and scratching.

It has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect.

GAMMA lozenges provide expectorant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-microbial action, as well as help to reduce the swelling of the nasal mucosa.

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to the Conclusion of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Expertise

No. 05.03.02-03/57842                                                                                                dated 16/09/2014 



herbal cough and throat lozenges (orange flavour)

Composition (1 lozenge) extracts: Ocimum sanctum – 5 mg, Adhatoda vasica – 5 mg, Alpinia galanga – 20 mg, Glycyrrhiza glabra – 20 mg, Piper longum – 25 mg, Zingiber officinale – 10 mg, Emblica officinalis – 10 mg, Mentha arvensis – 7 mg.

Excipients: citric acid anhydrous, sugar, liquid glucose, sunset yellow, orange flavour, purified water.

Recommendations as for use: can be recommended as a dietary supplement to food ration – a source of biologically active substances of herb origin. Promotes cough relief and bechesthesis decline.

It is recommended to consult a physician before use.

Contraindications: individual hypersensitivity to any component, children under 6 years old, pregnancy and lactation period.

Precautions at use: contains sugar, it should be taken into consideratinon for administering to the patients suffering from pancreatic diabetes

Method of administration: resolve lozenges till complete dessolution.

children from 6 - 12 years old – 1-2 lozenges 3 times a day;

children from 12 years old and adults – 2-3 lozenges 3 times a day.

Duration of use: up to 7 days, further term of use and possibility of repeated courses of treatment should be discussed with your doctor.

Nutritive value per 100 g of product: proteins – 0,53 g, fat – 10,14 g, carbohydrates – 50,35 g.

Energy value per 100 g of product: 294,8 kcal (1233,4 kJ).

Product form: lozenges of 2,5 g with orange flavour, in packs by 6, 12, 24, 100, 200 or 300 units.

Storage conditions: Store in dry protected from moisture and light place at a temperature not exceeding 30˚C. Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life: 3 years from the date of manufacture.

It is not a medicinal preparation. Does not contain GMO.

Herbal cough and throat lozenges for children and adults.

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Manufacturer: “Alka Ayurvedic Pvt. Ltd.”, C-4, SMA, Industrial Estate, GT Karnal Road, New Delhi-110033, India.

Manufactured for: «Ananta Medicare Limited.», legal address: 621, Ring Road Mall, Sector – 3, Rohini, New Delhi– 110085, India.

Importer: «Evitas Ltd.», 37, Iskrinskaya street, Kharkov, 61001, Ukraine, phone/fax +380(57)766-07-44.