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INTINOVA – a secret of woman’s power


Intinova recovers the mucosa and the tonus of vaginal walls, eliminates vaginal dryness and atrophic vaginitis, heals the vaginal mucosa in erosion, vaginitis and colpitis .

Gel for vaginal rejuvenescence and flexibility in tubes of 5 g №7.

Properties of Intinova Gel:

Due to rich composition of natural biologically active substances, Intinova gel moisturizes and restores the skin tone and increases the elasticity of vaginal mucosa, as well as helps to prevent vaginal infections.

Recommendations for use:

Intinova Gel is recommended to use vaginally for::

  • recovery of flexibility and elasticity of vaginal mucous coat after labour;
  • vaginal induration and rejuvenescence;
  • sensitivity enhancement during sexual intercourse;
  • elimination of vaginal dryness and discomfort during sexual intercourse;
  • vaginal mucous coat regeneration and vaginal wall enhancement after aggressive methods of treatment (diathermocoagulation, laser therapy and cryotherapy of cervix uteri or vagina, abortus), after vaginal surgeries of vaginal walls abasement and body of uterus, pelvic floor relaxation;
  • elimination of vaginal dryness and vaginal mucous coat atrophy of women in menopause period.


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