News of World Medicine
Scientists have managed to grow artificial pancreatic cells

Medicine School of Washington University has presented the results of its latest work - scientists succeeded in turning stem cells into beta cells that produce insulin

Scientists have presented a new, safer alternative for statins.

According to The Daily Mail, the developers propose to reduce cholesterol levels by using bempedoic acid.

Ultrasound has become a real help for arthritis.

American scientists from the General Electric Research Center have made an unexpected discovery

Neurologists have tested a unique method of brain rejuvenation

A bone marrow transplant taken from a young donor can have an amazing effect on an aging body. The bone marrow of a healthy young mouse was transplanted to old mice.

An effective alternative to insulin injections has been presented.

Insulin delivery capsule is an alternative to injections!

Unique molecules may become a real salvation for the liver.

Scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have found 27 new molecules that may provide a therapy against fatty liver disease and preparations that promote wounds healing, Xinhua reports. About 30 active molecules have been selected from the base of 1.56 million molecules.

A young immune system is the key to longevity.

According to scientists, a person can maintain his youth only if he has the young immune system.

Experts told what might kill modern people

The World Health Organization (WHO) has compiled a list of the most significant factors threatening humanity, "Meduza" reports.

A method for predicting success cancer treatment has been developed.

Scientists have decided to weigh cancer cells to assess the rate of tumor growth. By measuring the cell mass and growth rate before RNA sequencing, the doctor can understand whether the cancer will respond to the chosen therapy.

Researchers have developed a method that actually prolongs life

Scientists from Moscow State University and Harvard University have revealed that lifetime can be prolonged by slowing the process of assembling new proteins in cells and by accelerating their processing, RIA Novosti reports. Sergey Dmitriev from the Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology, Moscow State University comments: "Some of the recently discovered substances that inhibit the assembly of proteins significantly prolong the lifetime of various organisms. This gives hope that in the near future the protein synthesis modulators that may help humanity to prolong the active and healthy period of life without any side effects, will be designed. "